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Marino G. Pieterse,
editor of

Goldletter International, Uraniumletter International

and Rare Earth Elements Letter International.


Having a professional back ground in the Dutch financial sector, including seven years as a Senior Investment Officer, of which four years as Vice-President, for a Dutch Investment House, Marino has been an independent financial and gold analyst since 1975.


Since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2011, he has also focused his expertise on the impact of globalization on the worldwide economic order, including the shift of economic growth and wealth from western to emerging countries, culminating in China having emerged to the world's second biggest economy and dictating international financial and today's commodity markets.


Since 1987, Marino is the publisher and editor of Goldletter International , a premier information source on investing in the worldwide gold industry, particularly focusing on emerging gold regions in the world.

Goldletter International features individual companies as a Special Situation as a distinctive added value to pr activities of these companies.

In 2005, Goldletter International began covering the uranium industry through Uraniumletter International, which has become one of the premier information and advisory sources for investing in the world-wide uranium sector.


In September 2010, Goldletter International commenced with the separate publication of Rare Earth Elements Letter International.


Marino is a regular speaker at worldwide Gold and Uranium conferences and organizer of road shows in Europe to give companies distinctive exposure to the professional investment community.